Welcome to New Level Training Complex in Monroe, GA ~ a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization​​

​​​New Level Training Complex Inc.

Training at Avalanche Baseball Academy's indoor facility 2116 Leroy Anderson Road, Monroe, GA, 30655

Call Coach Rick McCleskey for information: (770) 846-7209.

Rick offers one-on-one baseball/softball training sessions for any age in the Monroe, Georgia area (1 hour - $75 or 1/2 hour - $45).

Age-appropriate training has been developed during his lifetime of playing, coaching, studying and training baseball and softball.

This time-tested approach has been his main focus since 2005.
Training is individualized and encompasses hitting, catching, pitching and fielding skills and drills. Rick's training style allows athletes to develop confidence and consistency in their abilities and desires. His unique style and training program is best suited to athletes that have a strong desire to pursue their passion and the accompanying desire for training consistency. He enjoys working with athletes that are enthusiastic and are willing to perform at their best.