​​​New Level Training Complex Inc.

Our Story

Welcome to New Level Training Complex in Monroe, GA ~ a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization​​

We don't necessarily know what is around the next corner of over the next bridge, but we will keep you informed as our community evolves.

New Level Training Complex is about Living Well!

We offer specific activities that may seem very different on the surface, but all are about training your thoughts to believe in yourself, enjoy your life and have fun.

Rick & Maurine McCleskey co-founded the organization to promote living well in many areas. This process has been ever-expanding since we began in 2005.

Currently, baseball/softball one-on-one instruction  are the most active at New Level.

We are entering a new period of eco-luxury tiny house building as we expand our vision to encompass living  organically and allow easy living through a simpler lifestyle.